Land-art events exhibition
Zürich, Switzerland, 2003
location: Espace ALPA, Zürich
duration: November 2003
exhibition design: Güller Güller architecture urbanism

'... for all those who could not participate in the realization of the land-art events - and for those who were there and saw the unbelievable happen ...'

Entering the exhibition, you enter the events. They happen all around you.

What actually really happens? Why are there flowers coming out of a mountain? How can it be that a glacier is burning?

The exhibition transfers you into the cave system spitting out the blooming waterfall, into the glacier's crevasses burning and gleaming. You're in the very center. The mythical power of the places and the things happening starts to work in your mind, you indulge and start floating like a small flower on the screaming water, like a sparkle jutting out of a crevasse.

Some voices
'What would life be without extremes?'

'Spectacular! Joyful! Desperately waiting for more...'

'What's actually burning? The glacier? Your soul? We, the friends?'

'Wow - the glacier is really burning. Who would have thought this to be possible?'