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PACA Le Cercle de l'innovation de Genève
Geneva, Switzerland, 2007-2010
client: Projet d’agglomération franco-valdo-genevois (FVG)
team: Güller architecture urbanism, Metron / Transitec (transport), Michel Desvigne Paysagiste (landscape)

The development strategy uses the key elements of the agglomeration program of the Confederation, especially public transport, to induce a development of high-quality which gives coherence, identity and attractiveness to the territory, and allows it to be directed towards the future.

It is a development strategy which considers and supports the basic principles of the agglomeration scheme FVG, by differentiating the polarities and their role in a multipolar agglomeration. And it creates the prerequisites to work with the existing urban fabric, in order to maintain the compactness of the urban areas and to develop the open green space.

It is a development strategy which pays special attention to the challenge of balancing the development of quality, especially regarding employment, on both sides of the national border. Moreover, considering the current situation of the northern sector of Geneva, it seems urgent to use all the means available to develop the structures already present in Switzerland and France. The objective in crossing the border with future development is to make profitable what is already there.

All this together opens the way towards a true sustainable development of the agglomeration FVG.