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Science Port Holland
Delft, Netherlands, 2009
client: Science Port Holland NV
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism

Science Port Holland NV is the area developer of Science Port Holland (SPH). This science park includes the two locations Technopolis in the South of Delft and Schieveen in the North of Rotterdam. Between both locations lies the open green landscape of Midden Delfland. The economic objective is to jointly develop a gross floor area of 1.2 million m2 with a focus on the clusters Clean Technology and Life Sciences.

Güller Güller has been commisioned to draw up a regional strategy for the development of a leading science park with an international standard and a unique identity. Subsequently the regional strategy has been worked-out into a master plan, which sets out a solid and coherent framework for the long-term development of all 3 areas: Technopolis, Schieveen and the open green landscape.
In addition, this masterplan serves as a framework for urban planning, architecture and landscape design of the different areas and their programming.
The open landscape between Technopolis and Schieveen will serve as a showcase and testing ground for Science Port Holland; specific activities and experiments, which belong to the core business of the clusters, can be presented to a large audience.