airports architecture infrastructure initiatives research strat. planning urban design
position in the agglomeration with and without airport mix of program/typologies
Dübendorf, Switzerland, 2008 press release Kanton Zürich
client: Canton of Zürich
team: Güller architecture urbanism, Michel Desvigne Paysagiste (landscape) Enz & Partner GmbH (transport), Fahrländer Partner (regional development) , atelier georegio (geography)

The old military airport of Dübendorf is the only great remaining land reserve of the metropolitan area of Zürich. At the same time, the presence of the military airport is a strong obstacle to the development and the growth of the cities around it. This resulted in a transition zone between city and airport, a barrier for the anchoring of a future development of the airport site in the city. The development strategy stimulates a process of transformation which starts on this zone of transition. It makes possible on the other hand to maintain more than 50% of the open airport for the next generations.

Legend pictures: The site of the old airport of Dübendorf in the context of the principal poles of excellence of Zürich.

complementarity and reinforcement of competitiveness
Economic positioning and the future image of the site combine its single assets (p.ex. the opened space, the airport function `business’) with a complementary positioning in the Zürich area.