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Zürcherstrasse Winterthur
Winterthur, Switzerland, 2007 - 2008
client: City of Winterthur
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism – Metron Bern/Brugg (traffic engineering) – Westpol Basel (landscape)

“In a city a street is not a road.”
Urban redevelopment plan for the 1km long Zuercherstrasse in Winterthur. It includes a redevelopment strategy for the former industrial district of Töss, Winterthur, and the redesign of the profile of the Zürcherstrasse, one of the main radial axes and urban street spaces of the city of Winterthur. The project aims at a step by step transformation-process of the current road profile, in order to reclaim street space for additional pedestrian areas and to launch a redevelopment process of adjacent property at this representative axis. For the latter a manual has been developped aiming at promoting intrinsic and highly qualitative internal semi-public spaces within each property, a typical feature of the traditional houwing districts in the west of Winterthur.