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strategic plan elements action plan
Reuss-valley development
Canton of Uri, Switzerland, 2007-2008
client: Office for civil engineering, Canton of Uri
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism, with Planungsbüro P. Güller

The Reuss-valley in the Canton of Uri is part of the Gotthard transalpine transport corridor. Under the influence of the planning and realization process of the new railway tunnel, regional planning in the region has been lying idle for a decade. Now, the Canton intends to pick up momentum again and more strongly hook its development up to the infrastructures.

The project has determined the main strategic objectives as well as an action-plan for the coming years, concerning an improvement of rail service from and to the Canton, with more direct lines and a denser schedule; a new central railway station serving as the urgently needed distribution node of public transport; a reorganization of the territory and a differentiation of development hot-spots in order to attract high-quality investment; a reorganization of the regional road and bicycle networks in order to access the development hot-spots and increase quality of life in the traditional cores; and a more formal basis of co-operation between municipalities and Canton.