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6 Memos for Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland, 2007
client: Various departments of the City of Zürich
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism, Grand Projekte (Simon Grand)

We believe that it is necessary for the long-term spatial development strategies for Zürich to be based on and address certain intrinsic values, qualities and quirks (local values), which are at the same time of strategic importance for the prospects of Zürich's future (in Europe). We call these memos.

The character of the Memos is therefore, that they expose six internationally promising - respectively urgent - future key positions (for cities like Zürich) which are anchored in Zürich’s specific strengths and characteristics.

With these six Memos, the city of Zürich is able to profile and position itself in the competition between cities; with the Memos, Zürich’s current outstanding qualities can be strengthened and developed into perspectives for its future. Thus they provide the framework for the qualitative and sustainable (re)development of Zürich.