airports architecture infrastructure initiatives research strat. planning urban design
concept action plan
Stockholm airport region in motion
Stockholm, Sweden, 2006
client: STRAIR Stockholm Arlanda partnership (airport municipalities of Knivsta, Sigtuna, Upplands Väsby and Vallentuna; provinces of Stockholm and Uppsala; Swedish airport authority LFV)
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism, Inregia (Stockholm); economic strategy: York Aviation (Leeds, RU)

Elaboration of a strategic joint-action-plan of the airport municipalities and propositions for the development their strategic business sites inside the airport corridor between Arlanda airport and the city centre of Stockholm – amongst others the business and logistic park of 'Arlandastad' (airport city of 600ha). Coordination of economic profiles and spatial quality of the development of the different municipal sites with a strong orientation towards the presence of the airport.

GGau proposed a differentiation of target groups according to their necessity to be close to an airport (from core-business with strong relation to profiting from the airports vicinity for the business image), respectively their capacity to contribute to the image and value of a local development (from low added-value to high added-value).