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CU West lakeside redevelopment
Uetikon, Switzerland, 2004
client: cph Chemie + Papier Holding AG
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism, Hosoya Schaefer architects
advisors: CT Bauberatung und Bauökonomie

Reducing their industrial activities at the lake of Zürich, cph intends to redevelop part of their site.

3 pillars are essential for the succesful redevelopment:

Public private partnership
A common future for Uetikon and the (agro)chemical industry will still be possible: the concentration of the industrial activities allows for developing the site in a way as to serve the interests of all involved parties - and particularly the public yearning for finally gaining access to the lake.

Luxurious housing and a clean, environmentally friendly and modern industry co-existing at the lake - an model approach...

The sustainability centre, an innovative research and training centre dealing with the issues of the development of the (agro)chemical industry and water-management, is becoming part of the powerful network of global think-tanks around the lake of Zürich.

Development steps:
1 - the industrial activities on the West-site (mainly storage) are concentrated along the road
2 - the establishment of the Sustainability Centre give the site a dynamic and innovative image
3 - luxurious lofts along the lake are taking maximum advantage of the views and the lakeside qualities
4 - a public lakeside park and a path along the water open the formerly fenced-off area to the public
5 - in the long-term, the industrial storage building (see step 1) can be transformed into office space
6 - under the influence of the Sustainability Centre, the Eastern and still industrial part of the site will develop into a modern and clean research, training and production site.