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Strategies for long-term spatial reservations around Zürich airport
Zürich, Switzerland, 2002-2004
Amt für Raumentwicklung - Kanton Zürich
project report (PDF, 4MB)
client: Department of Construction of the Canton of Zurich - Office for Spatial Development (ARV)
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism, ARV (spatial planning), Naco NL (airport design), AS&P D (airport design)

Relief (Raumentwicklungskonzept für die Flughafenregion und langfristige Infrastrukturentwicklung des Flughafens):

Spatial development concept for the airport region and long-term development of the airport
Ad-hoc planning processes seem to be the rule in airport areas. This project was commissioned to develop a strategy of long-term reservations for the airport region of Zurich as part of the new cantonal development plan. The idea was to develop a tool of spatial planning which coordinates the future development of Zurich airport (growth of air traffic) with spatial planning in the airport region. The strategy is based on best-practice solutions for similar tasks in other European airport regions such as Milano, Stockholm or Amsterdam. The tool designed is capable of providing long-term planning security for both the airport and the airport regions, and it guarantees a high level of quality of life for the population.