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Luxembourg, 2022-Ongoing
client: Fonds Kirchberg
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism + Zeyen + Baumann + Atelier Alfred Peter + Etienne Ballan + RR&A + Zefco + Ecolor + Ville en Euvre + Belvédère

The tram station is part of the new masterplan for the Kuebebierg district in Luxembourg.

It is located at Porte Frieden, the main access where the new development and the existing neighbourhoods will meet, and is therefore particularly important for the mobility structure of the Kuebebierg and Kirchberg as a whole.

The Porte Frieden is not conceived as a mere interchange point but rather as a real urban square and meeting space, a safe place for pedestrians and public transport users. The roof of the tram station, with its organic silhouette, gives identity to the square and acts as a catalyst for meetings and interactions.

Car traffic no longer dominates the public space, but is minimised and relegated to the margins. As a result, the tram station becomes a welcoming, bright and pleasant covered space.

The iconic shape of the tram station is a tribute to nature. The linear parc (Ligne de Vie), which is the main green space of the future district featuring inhabited ground floors and public and collective spaces at different scales, begins at the tram stop.

To celebrate the importance of nature and trees in the new Kuebebierg development, which aims to provide every inhabitant with a view onto trees from their apartments, the tram station resembles a tree canopy and gives space to nature by accommodating some trees in itself.

Great importance is given to materialization: the 4-metre high canopy has a light roof and a filigree wooden ceiling. At the top, a translucent skin finish filters daylight, giving users the perception of being under a real tree. The canopy is completely open towards the tram stop and has a small kiosk underneath.

Thanks to its distinctive appearance, the tram station will add a special twist to the entrance of the Kuebebierg district.