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Le Belvédère de Garonne Eiffel - Cultural pavilion ET0
Bordeaux, France
2017-2022 (opening date)

client: Nexity
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism + Gross. Max.

The cultural pavilion of ET0 aims at creating an attractive cultural and leisure program in the heart of the future Belvédère district of Bordeaux. It will offer an event and concert hall space for 900 people and a restaurant/gallery area of approximately 800 m2 of floor space. The project has a total surface of 2,000 m2.

The green roof of the pavilion is conceived as an extension of the Belvédère square. The roof is accessible by grand seating steps and offers a belvedere terrace. It therefore creates an urban theatre that opens up onto the Garonne River and provides extraordinary views onto the historic waterfront of the city of Bordeaux.

Together with the future Belvédère square this pavilion is a unique cultural facility that will mark the identity of the future urban district and will definitively add to the hotspots of Bordeaux.