airports architecture infrastructure initiatives research strat. planning urban design
Highway bridge study Lake Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland, 2002
client: Canton of Zürich, Department of Civil Engineering
team: Güller Güller architecture urbanism, Heierli Engineering AG, ARGE Züriring

In the political discussion about the lake-tunnel project, one alternative proposal has ever since been the replacement of the tunnel, where it crosses the lake, by a (substantially cheaper) bridge. At the same time, however, the public attitude towards a bridge is very critical and mostly negative due to the major visual impact such a structure would have on the panorama of the Alps which today are beautifully and openly visible from all around the lake basin - a major asset of the city of Zürich.

This study is to introduce more objective bases for evaluation into these discussions. The 'optimised' design with the two pylons in the water makes the bridge as fine and unobtrusive as possible, while at the same time taking into account the difficult geological conditions in the lake; and it reduces the local impact in the bridge-head areas. To avoid excessive access ramps in the shore areas, the exits are being located underground in the moraines flanking the lake.